Where Art Thou answers the question, What can art tell us about a country?

Season one of Where Art Thou is in South Africa, looking for dope stories that don’t repeat the well worn narratives of Mandela, safaris, and wine. Terhys Persad interviews artists and uses their work as an introduction to specific parts of South African culture, society, or history.

South African Traditional Healer & Contemporary Artist Buhlebezwe Siwani from Where Art Thou on Vimeo.

The show lives online and each season has six episodes, released one a month. Follow WAT on social media for juicy video extras like BTS and travel tips in between episodes.

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Terhys Persad is an avid traveler who understands that the popular stories told about a country are usually very far from reality. She learned this growing up as a Caribbean immigrant in America who often heard interpretations of Caribbean life that were wildly inaccurate.

She seeks out art that shows a culture’s complexity, and talks with its creators to hear about their country on their terms. She is committed to a reciprocal relationship with the countries she visits, and in addition to promoting the featured artists’ work, hires local crew and patronizes local businesses.

As a queer woman of color, she recognizes the lack of representation of marginalized people in arts and film. She believes in engaging artists and crew who identify as women, gender non-conforming people, LGBTQ, people of color, and low income.

Terhys also writes a newsletter about dope experiences around the world. You can subscribe here. She’s lived in Brazil, the US, and New Zealand. Her favorite place is currently South Africa. Her next spot is Mexico.





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