Webseries you should watch: The Adventures of Jamel, Time Traveling B-Boy

The Adventures of Jamel is a hilarious, inventive, and fun show that follows a b-boy who breakdances through time with an iphone-cum-time machine. Written, directed, and starring Black millenials, Jamel follows in the vein of films like Dope and Dear White People and the webseries Awkward Black Girl. It’s got puns, situational humor, and is peppered with sharp social commentary that made me laugh, then nod my head and say ‘Truuuuue’.

In the second episode, Jamel does like Missy and puts his thing down, flips it and reverses it with Mary Lincoln (wife of Honest Abe), and the first episode takes place in the Illuminati HQ, complete with pictures of Jay-Z and Queen Elizabeth II hanging on the wall. Really, what more do I need to say?

Peep the first episode below.

The Adventures of Jamel — Episode 1: “Connecticut” from The Adventures of Jamel on Vimeo.


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